Hydrowest Custom Underground Polyethylene Gas Lines and Fittings


For over twenty years, Hydrowest has been supplying our customers with custom polyethylene gas line products, fittings, and accessories.

Gas line Packages

Hydrowest provides a standard gas line package, conveniently sized for your needs. It comes with one rigid riser fused on, and one riser with a stab-coupling that can be inserted once your final cut is made on the job site. Tracer wire included. All gas lines are ready for pickup, or shipment in 30 minutes or less! 

Along with our standard gas line package we offer. We can assemble any custom tee, coupling, or transition you require. We can incorperate anything with your gas line, to fit anything you might need - Just ask!

Polyethylene Fittings, Risers, and Accessories

Hydrowest carries a full line of Butt-Fusion, socket fusion, and perfection stab fittings. Along with various rigid, and flexible risers and transition fittings for your convenience.

We also carry mechanical tapping tees, saddle tees, poly valves, and any unique or hard to find fittings/risers you might need for your job.