Gone are the days when you worried if you had enough propane for the BBQ... Here's Your Connection to Natural Gas!

We've all been through that embarassing moment... Minutes before guests arrive you check the propane tank to ensure there would be enough for the evening. Then the task of "lugging" it to the station and getting it filled is never enjoyable.
Now you'll never have to fill a propane tank again! Get your gas appliances connected to your gas supply in your home with the Natural Gas Connection from HYDROWEST Products Ltd. The natural gas connection ensures you have a continuous supply of natural gas.
Cook your Food... Keep Warm

Connect Safely to:
Barbeque Grills
Patio Heaters
Portable Hot Tubs
Garage Heaters
 Decorative Lighting
Space Heaters
You'll never have to fill a propane tank again!
Safety Comes First
Safety is our first consideration. The natural gas connection safely connects your new or existing gas appliances to the natural gas lines in your home. 
And how's this for easy operation.... simply push back the locking sleeve and insert the appliance connector plug. No tools are required for a worry-free, leak-tight connection.

Safety Features

Exclusive to HYDROWEST, the natural gas connection includes an automatic shut-off valve. The safety interlock ensures that the appliance cannot be connected nor disconnected when the outlet is in the "ON" position. In addition, if the outlet is exposed to temperatures in excess of 200 degrees F (in the case of a fire), a built-in thermal protection automatically closes the valve to prevent gas flow.

Single and Double Low-Pressure BBQ Box
The Inherent Quality of Steel

To further ensure safety, durability and a long life, the natural gas connection is manufactured using only the highest standards of quality. Only stainless steel construction provides a corrosion-free, no-maintenance product. The natural gas connection is warrantied by HYDROWEST Products Ltd.

For Total Patio Comfort!

Available in single or double outlets to accomodate all natural gas connection applications. Connect your BBQ and the patio heater for total patio comfort!